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Mute Signs

March 19, 2010 - April 16, 2010, University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

An international exhibition, Mute signs, opens on the 19th of March 2010, in the Barcsay Hall of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The show challenges contemporary art reflections on the notions of (in)tolerance, otherness and social exclusion / inclusion. The exhibition, which joins two main themes of the Budapest Spring Festival - , “Our Guest Denmark" and “I am Roma - I am Hungarian", does not, however, have as a main goal the demonstration of actual political references. The majority of the artworks reflects in an abstract manner on the relations between minority groups and majority societies living in Europe, on the stereotypes and prejudices that different minorities experience time and again, as well as the symbols that determine our social ties and national identity. Mute Signs approaches the issue by expanding the horizon; without limiting its focus to contemporary social problems and conflicts. The works featured at the exhibition and the supplementary film program attempt to show that the relations between minorities and the majority, in different times and in different spaces, are complex and multidimensional connections which can encompass both pride and discrimination. The title of the exhibition not only reflects on discriminated and excluded minorities - or the "sign transmitters" - but on the cumbersome, and often unsuccessful, solutions of the majority - or the "sign receivers". The receptivity of the artists towards these questions also comes with responsibility - independently from country, region or nation - which can be assumed and practiced not only in the context of the exhibition hall but in everyday life as well.
Curator: Eszter Lázár
Curator assistant: Eszter György
Opening speech: Tímea Junghaus
Supported by: NKA, Spring Festival, Polish Institute Budapest, Goethe Institute Budapest, PTE-BTK Department of Communication and Media Studies
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