Twenty-Two Tasks


peoples' requests I wanted to informally invite you for tea, maybe for a couple of hours. If you like, we could go for a walk, I would be particularly happy to go to the Park. Feliks » Dear Joanna, me and my girlfriend Caroline ended our relationship a couple of months ago. Naturally it was sad to part from each other but we both agreed on it. Today we are something like very good friends. By the time of the split the both of us were abroad for different reasons. So when we came back to Berlin we had to decide what to do with the flat we had lived in together for the last years. Caroline did not want to stay but I really love the place. It is inside a very broken building in a little deserted area between kreuzberg and mitte and you can strongly feel its history. One must see the place to understand. I decided to stay and started to change the place all over to symbolise the new period. This all worked out well exept one small feature. At the end of a long corridor is the room we used to sleep in and the door to that room is filled with many memories, including some very sad ones. I did not want to use the same way into the room anymore. That is why I put a cupboard in front of it and broke a new doorway into the bedroom through a wall in the room next to it. Since a couple of weeks I am thinking what to do with that old door from the inside of the bedroom. The cupboard in the corridor is fine but from the inside of the room I do not want to hide the door. Everything I pin on it, etc. does not satisfy me anymore after a couple of days. That is why I am writing to you. Do you want to work on that door? You could bring your own material and also use things I got here including memorials. I would leave it completely to you and if you want to saw it up or else that is alright as well. Maybe I do cling to much on symbolic deeds but I would be very happy if you want to do it. You can give me a call or send an email for further questions and hopefully we will arrange a time for you to come by. Greetings, Alex » On Monday, September 27, 2004 at 10:49 a. m. Kamila Szewczyk called. - What exactly do you want me to do? - We'll be cleaning up after my two husbands, and making room for a third. One had a lot of shoemaker's accessories, the other was an artist, and he left paintings and photographs... That one was my beloved - he died. Actually they both were all right. The third one is not here yet, but he will be - he has to be... - I see. - I want to make room for new energy. For what is to come next. - O. K., I'll come on Thursday. » Sehr geehrte Frau Joanna Rajkowska, sehr geehrtes Team der Galerie müllerdechiara, gerne würde ich das Angebot von "artist for rent" in Anspruch nehmen. Schon lange träume ich von einem Ölbild mit meinem bescheidenen Konterfei in meinem Reisepass. Im Rahmen ihrer Aktion bitte ich Sie um ein entsprechendes Portrait. Das farbige "Passbild" im Format 3,5 x 4,7 Zentimeter müsste dabei den europäischen Bestimmungen für Reisepässe entsprechen und eine einwandfreie Identifikation meiner Person ermöglichen. Weiter könnte das Bild auch bei Bewerbungsunterlagen Verwendung finden. Denken Sie daran: Der erste Eindruck ist der wichtigste. Das Bild entscheidet über Sympathie oder Antipathie. Daher möchte ich unbedingt zu einen Profi gehen. Zur Zeit sind für Führungspositionen schwarz-weiß Fotos üblich, ich würde jedoch ein farbiges Portrait vorziehen. Die Portraitmalerei hat eine lange Tradition in der bildenden Kunst, jedoch erfüllen die wenigsten Bilder auch einen praktischen alltäglichen Zweck - und darum geht es bei ihren Projekt, so wie ich es verstanden habe. Des weiteren würde die Aktion die gegenwärtige Auseinandersetzung im Kunstkontext um den Themenkreis "Identität und Identifikation" sicher bereichern. Daher die bitte ich Sie meiner Anfrage zu entsprechen. Selbstverständlich würde ich für die Modell-Sitzungen in die Galerie kommen und auch die Entwicklung des Bildes dokumentieren. Da ich jedoch in der Bodenseeregion wohne würde ich mich wegen der Anreise über eine frühzeitige Bekanntgabe des Termin freuen. In der Hoffnung auf positive Rückmeldung, mit freundlichen Grüssen, Christof art-director daily.soup® » Liebe Johanna, bin eine Freundin (auch Kuenstlerin) von Ellen Harvey und wuerde Dich gerne mieten, um mir ca. 1 Stunde bei einem Photosetting zu assistieren. Kannst Du diese Woche nach Deinen Buerooeffnungszeiten am Donnerstag oder Freitag? Rufe Dich morgen Mittwoch waehrend der Sprechzeiten an... beste Gruesse gabriele » Dear Joanna, I am working for the Internationale Tanzfest "Tanz im August". We are organising a party for the last day of the festival in Podewil. I would like to rent you for this party and for the time during the performances at day 30th form 5pm till ?. Our idea is to back and sell fresh wafers and to sell sort of bagles during the breaks between the performances and the party. I would like to ask you if you are interessted to help us with this. If you would like it is also possible to see the performances. I realy liked the idea about renting an artist when Anne told me about, and I saw the pictures of your other jobs. Thank you very much for your replay, and hope of hearing you soon. Best wishes Kerstin » hallo joanna, we spoke today noon time. I was asking your services for the coming sunday 24th aug. at 8 p.m. in the ´forever and a day Büro` which is an exhibition space in the schlesische str. 32 in berlin-kreuzberg. your job will be doing the bar while the one-night-slide-show ´przezchlebski blues`. if you need any other information please phone me looking forward to see you on sunday, mariola » Dear "artist for rent", hi, I am working for a non-profit organisation here in Berlin dealing with questions of globalisation and international (in-)justice. For an upcoming publication and possibly a big sign (for demonstrations and so forth) I am looking for an artist, who might be able to draw a political cartoon similar to the one on the book cover in the attachment. The 'message'/picture would be that rich countries (including Germany) are 'kicking away the ladder' (of development) for poor countries... by their economic policy. Would you be interested and able to help?? That would be great! ;-) I am terribly busy these days due to an upcoming big political event - but maybe we can get in touch and cooperate on this? Thanks and best regards Peter --------------------------------------------------------------- Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie & Entwicklung e.V. (WEED) » dear joanna tomorrow I am planning a latenightbrunch for many friends as I move to new york for a year to participate at the whitney program. Now I'd love to aks you whether you could help me out with that brunch. I need to decorate, go shopping, make coffee etc and also need to decide which clothes i take with me to ny or not. could you call me i know it is short noticed - sorry just call me if you can make it The brunch starts at 4 pm until late. So i guess it'll be ok to meet somewhen wround 1 or 2 pm?? many thanks stefan » On Wednesday, September 3, at 11:15 a. m. an elegant woman appeared suddenly in the backroom of the gallery. At first she was very formal. - I want to talk to the artist, she said. I brought a book that I borrowed many years ago from Warren Neidich. I found out he is one of the gallery artists and I want to make use of this opportunity so that you can help me as an artist for rent. Now, I would just like you to return this book to him.
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