Greetings From Jerusalem Avenue

2002, the artificial palm tree placed at the junction of Aleje Jerozolimskie (Jerusalem Avenue) and Nowy Swiat (New World), Warsaw, Poland

We thank:
Andrzej Ners,
President of MPRO, municipal company

for sponsoring the project in 2005-2007.
Dorota Keller,
Warsaw Councillor

for lobbying for the palm tree to be renovated.
Ryszard Mikliński,
Vice President of Warsaw

for supporting the project and our fights for numerous permits.
Dorota Dąbrowska,
from the American Chamber of Commerce
in Poland
for bringing our project to the attention of the of Las Vegas.
Anette Dittert
of AGR Studio Warszawa, German TV
for her input and inventiveness in searching for financial support.
Felix Ahlers for his help in searching for financial support and his advertising of the palm tree in Marak, a café on Świętokrzyska Street.
Janusz Jakubowski,
and Kancelaria Radców Prawnych
Jakubowski i Pluta S. C.
(a law office), for preparing the legal agreements concerning the project and for good advice.
Piotr Kowalski from CSW for his technical knowledge.
Między Nami and Ewa Moison for printing the promotional postcards.
Marek Szczepańskifor the pictures of the de Gaulle roundabout.
Agnieszka Kowalska of Gazeta Wyborcza,
And Michał Zaczyński of Życie Warszawy
for their fight for the permits waged in the press.
Piotr Olczak for the advertisement spot.

and our dear ones for ...
years with the palm tree.
The Centre for Contemporary Art, The Institute for the Promotion of Art Foundation
Michal Rudnicki (architect), Katarzyna Lyszkowicz
The official website:

People we thank