Greetings From Jerusalem Avenue

2002, the artificial palm tree placed at the junction of Aleje Jerozolimskie (Jerusalem Avenue) and Nowy Swiat (New World), Warsaw, Poland

The history of the Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue action, i.e. the story of an artificial palm tree at Warsaw's central de Gaulle roundabout which stripped the name of one of Warsaw's main streets of its neutrality - its meaning unexpectedly turned out to be unpleasant. The project speaks on whether and how it is possible to constructively work through a heavy, stereotype-based atmosphere of interpersonal relations. It also attempts to find out whether it is possible to create a point of reference for the inhabitants of Warsaw that would open up new communication possibilities.

Magda Pustoła

The Centre for Contemporary Art, The Institute for the Promotion of Art Foundation
Michal Rudnicki (architect), Katarzyna Lyszkowicz
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Slide-show, 12'