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Tu Bishvat under the palm tree :: Joanna Rajkowska

Tu Bishvat under the palm tree

2012, Warsaw

JDC INVITES YOU TO THE WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN AS PART OF THE BEZALEL PROJECT JDC invites you to another workshops for children organized as part of the bezalel project, which encourages the co-operation among Warsaw museums and famous artists. The main aim behind this project is additional Jewish education through contemporary art and fostering the children’s creativity. The upcoming workshops will be conducted at 11 am on February 25th. The workshops will be exceptional, unrelated to any museum or gallery. The meeting will be held at the Śródmieście Cultural House (Dom Kultury Śródmieście, 9 Smolna Street, the entrance on Al. Jerozolimskie St., next to the Poniatowski Bridge). The classes will be run by Joanna Rajkowska, who will talk about Tu Bishvat, making reference to her project of an artificial palm in the heart of Warsaw. The artist will also shed light on activities in the public sphere. Children will have a chance to place symbolical date twigs with greeting cards on the fake palm which is located in the very center of the de Gaulle’a roundabout. Anna Tenenbaum
Joint Distribution Committee, Bezalel Project, Warsaw, Poland