A dedicated, bi-lingual, Polish-English issue of Obieg no. 1-2 (81-82)/2010 is now available in art bookstores and Empik stores: a reader on Joanna Rajkowska's Oxygenator, an artistic phenomenon that started to live its own, not necessarily artistic, life. The Oxygenator's surprising ordinariness necessitated a revision of the conceptual framework usually applied in reflecting on public art. The OBIEG/Oxygenator volume contains, among other things, essays by Monika Bakke, Sebastian Cichocki, Tomasz Fudala, Krzysztof Nawratek, Ewa Majewska, Kaja Pawełek, Kuba Szreder, and Joanna Warsza. Also includes interviews with artist Joanna Rajkowska, a chronology, and a selection of press reviews and features about the Oxygenator. Read Kaja Pawełek's essay (Un)Conditional Breath.